Speech Therapy – Summer Intensive Program

For All Ages

Your child may be appropriate for this individual speech therapy program if any of the following statements apply to you or your family:

  • My child receives speech therapy during the school year and I’m always afraid the break over the summer will set him/her back.
  • My child has been identified as needing speech therapy services but we haven’t started anything yet.
  • I have concerns about my child’s speech and language abilities but he/she has not been tested to see if there are areas that could be addressed.
  • My child currently receives speech therapy somewhere but they can only see him/her one time per week.

The goal of this summer intensive program is to give children a short, intensive speech therapy experience to boost their current skills and give parents ideas of what to be working on at home.

An up-to-date speech therapy evaluation is required and, if not completed within the past six months to a year, a new evaluation must be completed prior to attending this program.

8 week session: June 5th – July 28th (3-4 days per week)

Cost: dependent on insurance and number of individual speech therapy sessions per week

Handwriting Camps

For Grades 1st through 5th grade

This camp is being offered to help children in grades 1st through 5th to increase the neatness of their handwriting. Many children have messy handwriting: over or undershoot the lines, not forming letters correctly or having improper spacing between words. This camp will show children and parents alike ways to increase skills in these areas. Home activities and recommendations will be given to help the children practice skills at home.

This class is directed towards children who could use help in increasing the neatness of their printing skills. Depending on the need for the camp, more sessions and times may be added so please don’t hesitate to let us know you’re interested. The groups will be limited to 6 children so that individual attention can also be given.

This group is not intended for children who have to be forced to write or who exhibit severe behavioral reactions when asked to write. However, individual therapy sessions are available for children who are experiencing dysgraphia or the inability to form letters due to visual perception or visual motor issues.

Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Section 1 – 5 weeks: May 31st – June 28th

Section 2- 5 weeks: July 3rd – August 2nd

Cost: 5 week session: $200 – Sign up for one session or more.

Stay & Play Kindergarten and Preschool Readiness Camp

For Ages 2-6 years old

This exciting summer camp will give young children an opportunity to “test the waters” in a safe and supportive environment before they jump into preschool or kindergarten in the Fall. Guided by a certified speech-language pathologist, children will get the opportunity to practice the important skill of interacting with peers, both in structured and unstructured play time while incorporating social aspects like sharing, communicating likes and dislikes, and dealing with emotions. They will also have opportunities to practice other significant school-readiness and listening during story time, following group directions, and following through with tasks to completion. Fun new themes will be used each week to incorporate developmentally appropriate pre-academic, pre-literacy, and language skills

Session 1 M/W – 5 weeks: May 31st – June 28th, Session 2 M/W – 5 weeks: July 3rd – August 2nd 

Session 3 T/TH– 5 weeks: May 30th – June 29th, Session 4 T/TH– 5 weeks:  – July 6th – August 3rd

Ages: 2-6 years old

Cost: 5-week session: $250 – Sign up for one session or more sessions.

Music Therapy Groups

For All Ages

These small groups will focus on a variety of goal areas and are individualized for each child participant. Social, motor, speech and cognitive skills will be addressed through the use of instrument play, singing, movement to music, and peer interaction. Socialization skills are addressed throughout the program incorporating proper greetings/farewells, peer interaction, attention span tasks and direction following. Through dance, movement and instrument playing, children will utilize and enhance fine and gross motor skills each session. Much emphasis will be placed on rhythm, which aids in the development of appropriate motor coordination. Receptive and expressive language skills are worked into each session through listening and command following tasks, singing and instrument play. As with motor skills, rhythm work with vocal tasks will also work towards speech development and improvement. Sessions are tailored and adapted to meet the needs of all group members.

Group size is limited to 8 children in order to allow individualized treatment in a therapeutic setting, and all sessions are led by Board Certified Music Therapist Leslie Jones, MMT, MT-BC

Session 1 – 5 weeks: May 31st – June 30th, Wednesdays and Fridays 1-1:50 pm

Session 2 – 5 weeks: July 5th – August 4th , Wednesdays and Fridays 1-1:50 pm

Cost: 5-week session: $175 – Sign up for one session or both sessions.

Executive Function Camp

For Grades 4th through 12th grades

This camp will focus on the following academic related skills:
Attention Skills
Memory Skills
Time Management
Basic Organizational Skills
Thought Organization and Problem Solving

All these areas contribute to the success our students experience in school.

These camps will be guided by a certified speech-langauge pathologists. Skills targeted in the sessions will be communicated to the parents and ideas for at-home practice will be given.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Section 1 – 5 weeks: May 30th – June 29th

Section 2- 5 weeks: July 6th – August 3rd

Cost: 5 week session: $225 – Sign up for one session or more!


Sign up online: http://www.theracareozarks.com/summer-programs/

Call 417.890.4656 or email info@theracareozarks.com with any questions!


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