Spring has sprung! What better way to celebrate than to go fishing!? While nothing can replace the true act of the sport, this game is perfect for rainy days inside or those too little to grasp a real fishing pole. This is great for 2-3 year olds but older siblings will join the fun and enjoy teaching their younger siblings, too!

What’s In It For You?

Motor Skills: Great for developing hand-eye coordination!

Social-Emotional Development: Build your child’s confidence by allowing them to catch ‘fish’ on their own.

Problem Solving: Learning how to create things develops executive function (manage time/pay attention)

You Will Need…

Wrapping paper tubes, sticks, or a ruler


Small magnet which can be tied to a string

Paper clips

Paper (the more color, the better!)



How Do We Use It?

1. Make a ‘fishing rod’ by tying/taping the string to the ends of the tubes, sticks, or rulers.

2. Tie a magnet ‘hook’ to each string

3. Cut the paper into fun-sized fish and slide a paper clip onto an end. Feel free to add numbers, letters, or shapes to the fish for an interactive experience! Can you find the triangle? Where is the number ‘5’? Or, just cut out fun designs!

4. Find a comfy ‘pond’ at home whether it be an uncluttered table, bathtub, pack-n-play, or a circle of pillows on the floor!

5. Place the fish in the ‘pond’ and allow your child to maneuver the fishing pole to grab the fish.

6. This is fantastic for problem solving, especially for little hands. The magnet will be swinging around and they will need to steady their hands to grab the desired fish. This is will teach patience, as well!

7. Take turns! It’s fun to watch each other and you’ll be able to give them tips along the way!



SAFETY TIP: Keep a close eye on the little ones. The magnets and paper clips may present a choking hazard. Just be careful! Also, make sure to choose plenty of space for them to swing the magnet around. We don’t want to hit any breakables in the house!




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