REN’S First Birthday Party & Campout Camo Cake

I wanted to share a few photos from Ren’s birthday party. He had such a good time!

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We kept the party small (if that’s possible with the size of our family), inviting immediate family and a few close friends. It was just right!

I had TONS of decoration and activity ideas in my head for his party theme, “Cowboy Campout” but before I knew it, I was running around the day of his party throwing together the details. Life, I tell ya!

I made the cakes, and set up a cute table to represent his theme. I think it turned out just fine! 🙂

first-birthday-party (4 of 33) first-birthday-party (9 of 33)first-birthday-party-7-of-33first-birthday-party (8 of 33)The cake had a small campfire made of pretzel sticks and candles, and a tent made from wooden skewers and fabric scraps.

I thought the campfire turned out really cute when lit!

first-birthday-party (12 of 33) first-birthday-party (11 of 33) first-birthday-party (5 of 33)

The finished product turned out pretty cute but it was a bit ugly getting there. Haha!

I thought, “I’ll save some money and make his cake.”

“It will be fun and I have the perfect idea!”

“It will be easy and who cares if it isn’t perfect!”

Ha! Apparently I cared if it wasn’t perfect after almost ending up in tears (okay, maybe I had a couple tears) over my cakes falling apart on Saturday morning! I had some icing issues! It seems silly now but at the time I really wanted everything to be just perfect for his birthday and I felt a little guilty about getting my act together at the last minute!

Why are we so hard on ourselves?!

Anyway, that’s another blog post. Back to the party!

first-birthday-party (1 of 33)

On Friday night I did my baking and I tried my hand at a camo cake. I just made a batch of chocolate cake and a batch of white. Then I took the white and separated it into three bowls applying food coloring until I reached two different hues of green.

*Gel food coloring would work much better. I used almost an entire bottle trying to get dark green! 

Then I added each color to the cake pan one small scoop at a time, placing them randomly.
first-birthday-party (2 of 33)

Scoop, scoop, scoop…

Layer, layer, layer…

first-birthday-party (3 of 33)Waa, waa, waa…

Ma, ma, ma…

IMG_2857 Ren wasn’t too happy with the process. 


There was a lot of cake batter so I baked one large cake for the party and two smash cakes. One for pictures and one for the party!

I don’t know if you could call the finished product “camo” cake but it was something different and looked like a marble cake perfect for a little boy’s party!

first-birthday-party (32 of 33)Maybe next time I would be a little more careful with the size of my spoonfuls and have a treat for Ren so I can concentrate! 😉

first-birthday-party (33 of 33)The party turned out perfect! It was Ren’s first birthday party!

A day full of laughter, 

first-birthday-party (18 of 33)

friendship, family, 

first-birthday-party (14 of 33)first-birthday-party (16 of 33)
first-birthday-party (20 of 33)

memories, and love!

first-birthday-party (22 of 33) first-birthday-party (23 of 33)

first-birthday-party (24 of 33) first-birthday-party (25 of 33) first-birthday-party (26 of 33) first-birthday-party (27 of 33)

And I know it was his best-ever birthday! 😉

first-birthday-party (15 of 33)



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